Sunday, September 17, 2006

Katie O'Byrne's Pub - Schenectady, NY

This restaurant intrigued us, as we support any establishment willing to open its doors in downtown Schenectady. The format is fairly standard, with a dedicated bar area, and a separate dining room. Televisions are mounted throughout the establishment, for sports enthusiasts, no doubt. The furniture is new, and the environment is open, due to the presence of large store front windows on two sides of the business. This affords one a splendid view of beautiful Erie boulevard, and the world-renowned Schenectady AMTRAK station.

We arrived at 6PM on a Sunday evening, looking forward to the place's promise of good (Irish) food and drink. While we opted for water to drink, we were looking forward to the Irish Reuben(hot corned beef sandwich). The menu also features a number of appetizers, some cold sandwiches, and hamburgers, with a variety of fried sides.

To our dismay, our cheerful waitress informed us that, since this was Sunday evening, only cold sandwiches and hamburgers would be available. This was due to the grill being shut down. Strangely enough, we could still get hot wings (which I did order), just not a Reuben. Beer, though, can still be had on a Sunday. We chose not to attempt to understand this rationale, and we ordered: my wife got a roast beef sandwich, and I opted for a corned beef sandwich, both with sweet potato fries.

As I mentioned earlier, we were looking for a satisfying meal, and in terms of quantity, this might have qualified. After a significant wait (or so it seemed), the waitress returned with wings and blue cheese. While these were meant to be hot, they were mostly just mild (all thighs?). The sandwiches arrived shortly afterwards, and they, too, were pretty bland. But large. We wound up eating half, and taking the rest home. I'll see if I can bring myself to eat it tomorrow for dinner.

In a nutshell: we might come back on a non-Sunday to try out the hot corned beef, but your best bet is probably to skip the food (OK, try some appetizers) and stick to the beer...


Blogger Marcie said...

Sundays serve full menu until 9pm. Every other day of the week full menu til 9 then switched to late night menu til 11 m-w, 12am th-sa. Also just want to let you know there is a big difference between a fryer and a grill, you sounded confused. I dont understand why they would be on a late night menu at 6pm on a Sunday though, odd.

12:43 PM  
Blogger Cait said...

Hehehe. Thank you for pointing that out Marcie. It is a huge difference. And it sounds like you must have come on a strange night. The grill is never shut off before 11pm Monday through Wednesday, 12pm Friday through Saturday, and 9pm Sundays. Come back and try it again! :-)

11:41 AM  
Blogger Dorth said...

Went for an early supper with husband and enjoyed the atmosphere and food. Had a reuben with braised cabbage sweet potato fries and husband had irish stew and sliders. Was Good for pub food! Service was great.Going back today.

1:08 PM  

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